Still in Brasil

We’ve done a bunch of stuff since last we spoke. We saw the Argentine side of the Iguaçu Falls (where we saw a vicious pack of coati, some rampading agouti, and a loving family of guinea pig things). In about 30 min~utes we’re heading into the Pantanal for about 4 days, for a spot of anaconda and caiman wrangling. Wish us luck.

About Stewart Macdonald

I'm a wildlife ecologist living and working in Queensland, Australia. I spend most of my time in the bush finding and photographing wildlife.
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3 Responses to Still in Brasil

  1. joee says:

    I thought coati, agouti and guinea pig things were one and the same?

  2. Jessimo says:

    Hey there Stew!
    Joee just send me your blog so that I could know what the heck your up to these days since your have been so mysterious with me these days. That is great to are your looking for rattlers, but out here where I am they are a dime a dozen buddy. In fact a friends daughter just got bit by one 3 times last week and the poor girl had to get MediVacted to the nearest Hospital. After recieving anti venom, she is ok, and will not lose her arm after all thank goodness. She should not try and be a wrangler I suppose!
    Hey, I can’t believe you made a State Side visit and did not even tell me?! Ouch! My email is still the same.

  3. Jessimo says:

    oh, and a coati joee is in the racoon family, the guinea pig is in the Rodent group (having 4 quadrant upper incisors) and not even closely related, and they are also often called Cavy. Agouti, often refers to a specific color banding pattern on mammal hair on a wide variety of animals… but I don’t know the secific details of an agouti spp.