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Tortoise Porn

In the Galapagos Islands, there lives a lonely boy. Well, he’s at least 60, so we can’t really call him a boy. He’s lonely not for lack of trying on the part of his neighbours. Many girls have been offered … Continue reading

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Snake eats ewe

The Courier Mail today has an article entitled Ewe big guts. A reticulated python in Kuala Lumpur evidently ate a pregnant ewe, much to the excitement of onlookers. I was interviewed this afternoon on ABC radio by Richard Fidler, who … Continue reading

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Crocs Rule

On Monday, the world was shocked to hear that crocodile hunter Steve Irwin had been fatally wounded by a stingray while he was snorkeling off north Queensland. News web sites ground to a halt within an hour or so of … Continue reading

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Water carpet python

I got a call yesterday from a woman in Fig Tree Pocket who had a carpet snake in her pool filter inlet. The snake had been there for about a week. I went around to have a look, expecting the … Continue reading

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Back from Idalia

I’m back from Idalia National Park. We were meant to leave early on Saturday morning and get back to Brisbane late Saturday night, but it rained on Friday night so the 70 kms of dirt roads leading out of the … Continue reading

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Sao Paulo, day 2

Day 2 in Brazil was shaping up to be a big one. Alecia and I got up at 6:30, had breakfast, and headed back to the Butantan institute. We met Rafael at his office and we all headed down to … Continue reading

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I never liked brown tree snakes anyway…

So. PhDs. I came up with a cool topic last September (I guess my supervisor contributed a bit too). I was going to look at how venom composition changes in brown tree snakes as they get older. They’re a fairly … Continue reading

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Burton’s legless lizard

I found a Burton’s legless lizard (Lialis burtonis) today. It was sunning itself on a gravel path in a park in Springwood. I photographed it. Burton’s legless lizard (Lialis burtonis) Update: I don’t keep any lizards, legless or otherwise, as … Continue reading

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