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A real macropod

Bigfoot found – for real? If this is true, it’s earth-shattering stuff. Bigfoot in a freezer? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 12, 2008 BIGFOOT BODY FOUND DNA evidence and photo evidence to be presented at a PRESS CONFERENCE to be held … Continue reading

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Recent environmental news

Brown tree snakes destroying more than just Guam’s birds A brown tree snake In the last 60 years, brown tree snakes have become the embodiment of the bad things that can happen when invasive species are introduced in places where … Continue reading

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The Stewed Thoughts match-making service

This is a message directed at the hundreds of single guys who read this blog daily. A good friend of mine… Well, we’ve only just met recently, but she’s sent me a couple of dozen emails since last night so … Continue reading

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SMOT – spam message of today

From: Emmett Ochoa Who do you turn to when the only person in the world that can stop you from crying, is exactly the one making you cry?

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An interesting take on climate change

Some people are apparently welcoming climate change. Grape growers in Austria (note: that’s a little country in Europe, not a huge mass of land keeping the Indian and Pacific oceans separate) have found the warmer conditions to be quite beneficial.

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Picture of a modern-day thylacine?

A striped mammal has been photographed by a camera trap set in a remote forest. Is this the sole surviving thylacine? Unfortunately not, as this Edge of Existence blog post shows.

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Google Maps Australia gets StreetView

Search engine giant Google has today introduced StreetView into its online mapping system. While users have long been able to view maps and satellite imagery for specific locations, StreetView now allows users to go on a virtual tour of many … Continue reading

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Tortoise Porn

In the Galapagos Islands, there lives a lonely boy. Well, he’s at least 60, so we can’t really call him a boy. He’s lonely not for lack of trying on the part of his neighbours. Many girls have been offered … Continue reading

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